The Bible has much to say about the voice of the Lord.  Psalm 29 is filled with statements designed to educate us about God’s powerful Words, carried heavenward by His voice.

Verse 4 says the Lord’s voice is powerful and full of majesty.  Verse 5 says it breaks–even splinters–the cedars of Lebanon!

The passage that has always fascinated me is Psalm 29:7, The voice of the Lord divides the flames of fire.  Imagine such power that God is able to part or separate even flames of fire.  It astonished me when I learned that the Lord has dominion over fire.  Let’s ponder this fact.

If you need fire, say in your furnace, He has control over that.  If you are caught in a fire, God has power over those flames; and can command their direction in order to protect you.  If you need a spark to light a fire, perhaps at a campfire, God has power to help you!  And He desires to help you–always.

In verses 8 & 9 of Psalm 29, we discover that God’s voice shakes the wilderness; causes deer to give birth; and strips the forests bare.  We serve the all-powerful God who created heaven and earth.

God’s mighty angels obey His powerful voice (Ps 103:20), fulfilling His Word.   The verse actually says it this way:  Heeding the voice of His word.  The phrase “voice of His word” refers to the actual, unique sound or vibrations of God’s voice.  His voice is unique in that ALL of creation recognizes it as the sound of the Creator God, the Supreme Being, the Lord of Lords.

We, who are created in His image, should respond to His Word just as creation does and as angels do.  We should honor and respect it always, and obey it promptly.

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