Blessings to you, friends! 

For we have become partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast to the end.  (Heb 3:14 NKJ)  Don’t lose confidence in the Lord Jesus!

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.  (Isa 26:3 NIV) Steadfast means unwavering, firm, resolute, and committed.

Partaking of (joining with; living through) Christ requires persistence in faith; it’s not merely a one-time event.  We grow both roots and patience in our Christian walk as we stand firm and unwavering in faith.  In other words, we make a decision to take God at His Word.

We pray based upon God’s Word and His promises.  Once we have prayed, and believed God that we HAVE ALREADY received our answer, we stand faithful and immovable, knowing that the answer is assured.  (Mat 21:22; Mk 11:24 NIV) 

God cannot lie.  (Num 23:19; 1 Sam 15:29; Heb 6:18)

Don’t be like an immature youngster in your faith.  Allow God to work in you according to His good pleasure. (Phil 2:13)  If you are awaiting an answer to prayer, having done all that you know to do, then stand and patiently anticipate God’s answer with a sense of joyous expectation. Know that your answer is certainly on its way!

He will never disappoint you.  (Rom 10:11)

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