Prayer is important and spiritually profitable to us.  Jesus modeled prayer for us1, and He taught His disciples (and us) about prayer.2  Prayer changed Jesus in one report in the Scriptures,3 and it will change us, too! 

Jesus said men ought always to pray.4  Jesus prayed for His disciples5 and He prayed for all Christians.6  The Apostles gave themselves continuously to prayer.7 In the book of Romans, we learn that we should continue steadfastly in prayer; and that when we pray in tongues, the Spirit makes intercession for us.8  So, let’s avail ourselves of this powerful, spiritual tool.

In Philippians, we’re instructed to make our requests known to God.9  And in first Thessalonians, we’re reminded to pray without ceasing.10  Clearly, we can see from the Bible that prayer is vital to our Christian walk. 

Because Jesus has accomplished and completed His work on earth,11 we’re in a different position from God’s Old Testament people!  Jesus has already purchased and fully paid for ALL of the blessings and benefits of salvation!  We don’t need to beg or plead with God when we pray.  We already know His will, because God’s Word is His will!   One of the most important aspects of prayer is praying according to the Word of God!

I will continue this article in my next post.


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