We who have made Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord, are IN CHRIST.1  These are the blessings that have been given to every believer:

  • Access to our Father2
  • A sense of connection (belonging), because we have relationship with the Father. We are His children, and are a part of His family. We have also been made heirs of God.3
  • An open heaven, which means that in Christ, the angels of heaven ascend and descend into heaven. Why?  They are receiving and carrying out their assignments to bless, help, and deliver the children of God.4
  • We are greatly loved by God.5
  • Approval—God celebrates us!6
  • Acceptance of us as we are.7
  • The witness of the Holy Spirit—we are sealed with the Holy Spirit8
  • Healing9

These are just some of the Blessings of the Father that have been bestowed upon us.  As we live in and experience the truth and reality of these supernatural blessings, we become whole and healed in every way—which enables us to minister as Jesus did.  We minister from a place of wholeness, love and belonging. (not brokenness, heartache, and pain) 

Think upon these things and their utmost importance in your life, child of the King!


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