We are looking at how to resist evil in the form of various temptations.

The haughty looks of man shall be brought low, and the lofty pride of men shall be humbled, and the Lord alone will be exalted in that day.  (Isa 2:11 ESV)

In the day of judgments, God will so thoroughly vindicate His honor, that no one else and no other god will be praised or elevated except the Supreme God of Heaven.  In that day, no proud person shall be able to stand in God’s presence.

And Jesus answered and said to him, “Get behind Me, Satan!  For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.’ ”  (Lk 4:8 NKJV)

Here, Jesus triumphed over temptation and the devil with this response.  Thank God!  Jesus stood firmly against Satan and answered him with, “It is written.”  Jesus demonstrated that God’s Word had more authority and His will has more power than anything that the enemy could ever offer.  The Lord also honored the Word by using it in this way.  Jesus declared that God, and God ALONE, was the One whom Jesus worshiped and served. 

Then Jesus said to him, “Away with you, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.’ ”  (Mt 4:10)

This is an outright rejection of Satan.  The enemy wanted Jesus to worship him and essentially to become a partner with him.  Jesus answered at once.  Jesus firmly declares that ONLY THE LORD should be worshiped and ONLY THE LORD should be served.  And Jesus worshiped only His Father; He served only His Father.

Rejoice that we are worshipers and servants of the One, true living God.  Praise the Lord!

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